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ODCC 60th Birthday Celebration 26th May 2013.

The ODCC 60th Birthday Party took place over the weekend with over 60 attendees including many past Commodores and some 14 boats. The weekend was a great success, Wendy Luxford has written a report of the weekend and photos of the event are available in a separate page here; 60th Anniversary.


Bank Holiday weekend 25/27 May, earmarked to celebrate our Diamond Jubilee. Thurs 23rd & Fri 24th the weather was abysmal – frost, sleet, snow and gale force winds, but with true optimism most people proceeded with their plans and arrangements. Lo and behold Saturday dawned sunny & calm. Most people had arrived at Byron’s by lunchtime Saturday, so there were many willing volunteers for the marquee erection.

Afternoon tea was enjoyed in blazing sunshine, so a very mellow and happy group arrived at 6.00pm for the commodores reception, followed by a delicious meal – amazing the results they achieve from a ‘field kitchen’. Having been well fed and watered we were given a quiz to complete – our quiz master Chris Seeney had researched well, and delivered a devilishly tricky and ingenious set of questions. Out of a possible 45 points, the winners were ‘The Benson Brains’ with a winning score of 30. The rest of us decided that the lateness of the hour, and the fact that ‘alcohol had been taken’ had probably impeded our thought process!! The evening continued with a ‘sumptuous raffle’, followed by a wonderful selection of music from Tony Riley.

Sunday dawned bright and warm, and after a traditional ODCC breakfast, final preparations were under way for the Garden Party. Many of the boats were ‘dressed overall’ and guests began arriving from 12.30, many by car and some by boat. We had 65 people attending, and 14 boats.

The buffet was magnificent, with the centrepiece being a beautiful cake made by Pat Hill, an absolute work of art, with the ODCC badge in minute detail covering the top. Whilst the assembled throng were eating we again enjoyed background music from Tony.


Lyn made a short speech, thanking everyone for coming to help celebrate this auspicious occasion. The guests were all past or present club members, oh so many familiar faces from a wide range of years, all with wonderful memories of their time with the club. The weather continued to be kind, so we were all able to be outside, and mingle – catching up with many old friends, and all of us loath to see the end of the afternoon.

After breakfast on Monday, and the clearing of the site, there was a gradual parting of the ways.

All in all a fantastic weekend – many thanks to all involved in the arranging and organisation – especially Lyn & Malcolm.

Wendy Luxford

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