Latest 25/07/11

Drop-in Rally Beale Park. 

Although we were only 5 boats; White Velvet, Mustang Sally, Pheran,  Zesty and La Coquine it turned out to be a very enjoyable week-end.  The weather being warm and sunny played the major role, and made it possible for us to sit out and put the world to rights over a glass or two. Sunday morning didn’t disappoint, the elements giving us more of  the same weather conditions. We all turned out for a Continental breakfast thoughtfully provided by Lyn. Later in the morning White Velvet and Mustang Sally moved off downstream to cruise to Windsor. Zesty had to go home in the afternoon, but the rest of us relaxed in the sunshine of the evening. We decided to make the most of the weekend conditions and stayed overnight to Monday when we had to, reluctantly return home.                                        

Bob & Joy ( La Coquine)

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