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Motorboat Owner Magazine

It is possible, perhaps probable, that some of you are already aware of this on-line digital magazine which is aimed, as its name suggests, at motor boat owners and all those who have an interest in boating matters. To those who haven’t discovered it yet, its well worth a look and what’s more, its free!!

The magazine, which is published monthly, provides an attractive mix of news items, practical articles, tests of both new and second-hand boats and advice on a range of related subjects covering both coastal and inland waters. And it doesn’t just confine itself to the type of boat most of us can only dream of – a mistake that too many publications seem to have made in the past. Indeed, the March issue contains a very comprehensive article on the Broom 30. And the feature on fire safety aboard should be compulsory reading!

Motorboat Owner is the brainchild of Neale Byart and Claire Frew, both of whom have amassed a wealth of boating experience and an enviable reputation as journalists in this field. Some members may remember them from their days at the now-defunct Motor Boats Monthly magazine and their Cruises in Company. It was they who first got Ann & I hooked on Holland!

Motorboat Owner can be found at

And if you scroll down to Page 10, the Inbox Section, you will find that the editors have been good enough to publish a letter from me extolling the benefits of joining a Club – and the Oxford Ditch in particular!!

Commodore Chris

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